Thursday, February 23, 2012

Michael Jordan Sues Chinese Sportswear Chain

Qiaodan Sports Company Ltd. has been profiting by illegally using “Qiaodan,” Mr. Jordan’s Chinese alias, on its marketing materials and products since the 1980s, Mr. Jordan said in a prepared statement Thursday.
Qiaodan Sports, based in China’s coastal province of Fujian, sells athlete-branded basketball shoes and jerseys in its 5,715 retail outlets in China and is preparing to raise nearly 1.1 billion yuan ($175 million) in a public listing in Shanghai.
The company said it has the exclusive right to the Qiaodan trademark and is operating “in accordance with Chinese laws.” A Qiaodan Sports spokesman declined to comment further.
“I feel the need to protect my name, my identity, and the Chinese consumers,” Mr. Jordan said in a video on a website devoted to his claims against Qiaodan Sports. “It’s not about the money. It’s about principle — protecting my identity and my name,” he said, adding that any awards would be invested in promoting basketball in China.


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