Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Best States in the Union to do Business -- From Top to Bottom

A very interesting set of metrics for ranking the top states in the Union for doing business. In this year's ranking, Virginia eclipsed Texas as the best state for businesses.  California which ranked 32nd overall, ranked dead last (50th) in the category of "business friendliness". Given some the wackiness coming out of Sacramento, local cities and counties, this was, unfortunately, not a surprise. What was a surprise -- well, more of an encouragement, really -- is that that California ranked #1 in two separate categories- 1) innovation; and 2) access to capital. California also ranked 7th in quality of infrastructure. All of this is an important reminder, that despite all the doom and gloom, California still has a lot going for it. The story of this incredible state is still not over.|topstatesva|&par=yahoo


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