Friday, September 30, 2011

The RightHaven Saga: It keeps Getting Worse

The RightHaven saga (the so-called "copyright trolls" based in Nevada) continues to get a worse. Now a federal judge in Colorado has ruled against them, indicating that they have no standing to bring a copyright infringement suit.


Anonymous said...

How to be a RightHaven:

1. Sue first rather then sending cease and desist letters to seek a settlement.
2. Don't receive exclusivity of one of the six rights under the copyright law.
3. Pursue noncommercial entities like college students, bloggers, and forum posters.
4. Don't have the creator of the work a party to your efforts.
5. Suggest absurd amounts of money in your demands.
6. Become world famous for being a "copyright troll."

This book title needs development - © 2011 Pirates vs. Trolls: The battle of Hyperbole

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