Saturday, August 20, 2011

How Software Will Ensure American Strength in the 21st Century

Founder of Netscape and technology investor, Marc Andreessen, wrote a must read piece in today's Wall Street Journal.

It is a "must read" on many levels. First, Andreessen makes a compelling case that we are entering (or more  precisely, have already entered) an era where "software" has primacy over, and ubiquity within, every industry. Second, Andreessen points out that America is the leader in software, due not only to both the abundance of human and financial capital within our borders, but directly correlates to the American spirit of risk-taking and the innovation it breeds. Third, a not surprising conclusion of Andreessen's piece is that, while the U.S. has many problems to be sure, key factors are in place to ensure a bright future and continued opportunities for this exceptional country.


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