Friday, August 5, 2011

MGA Awarded Over $135 Million Dollars In Attorneys' Fees and Costs By District Court Judge

In what has got to be one of the most remarkable turn-arounds in modern copyright litigation history, Van Nuys, CA-based toy maker, MGA, in a copyright infringement case brought by Mattel over the Bratz doll properties,  has just been awarded over $135 million in legal fees and costs by Judge Carter of the Central District in California. In the first trial, Mattel prevailed over MGA;  in addition to having damages assessed against it, the District Court judge in that case took the extraordinary remedy of requiring MGA to transfer over the Bratz properties to Mattel. All this was reversed on appeal in a stinging rebuke by Judge Kozinski. On retrial MGA won on the merits, but with this massive award of attorneys fees and costs, it now gives MGA enormous leverage to negotiate a favorable settlement if they so choose.$FILE/LA04-cv-09049DOC-O_GR,%20DN%20MGA%20fees,%20costs.pdf


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