Monday, August 22, 2011

Recent Developments re Law Firm Spending Money on Training to Develop Associates

I have recently posted on how some large in-house law departments are spending a lot on training for development of their junior attorneys. Today the Wall Street Journal Law Blog reported on how some large New York law firms (Debevoise, Milbank and Skadden) are taking some steps in this regard.

I think it is about time that law firms finally started spending some of some of their money and invest in a serious way in their own people. As I posted previously, I am skeptical that most law firms will do this in any meaningful way and believe that in fact in-house law departments are much better situated to commit the resources needed (both from a financial and cultural point of view). Nevertheless, per the above link,  I did take a look at the website for one of the training firms (Fullbridge) retained by Debevoise for the training and they look quite impressive.


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