Sunday, October 9, 2011

Governor Brown signs bill into law that bans tanning salon use of people ages 18 and under

I have never been to a tanning salon myself, nor, frankly, do I ever have  any desire to set foot in one. Furthermore, if any of my children told me they planned to go to one, I would try to talk them out of it. But passing a law actually prohibiting it for all people 18 and under? Why stop there? If the supposed harmful effects of UV rays are so bad, then why not just ban it outright? Or is it that, much like tobacco and alcohol, it is considered harmful activity, but not harmful enough (say compared to heroin use) to completely declare illegal. Frankly, I am puzzled by Sacramento's decision. It will kill jobs but even more insidious it has that corrosive effect on the body politic, conveying the message that our political leaders in Sacramento are in the most charitable interpretation, utterly clueless and out of touch.

Just the other day, Governor Brown ridiculed the "stuffed mountain lion" bill (I kid you not) as one of the few areas where there was bi-partisan support. I am afraid that this new tanning law is equally deserved of his -- and our -- ridicule.


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