Monday, December 26, 2011

Dark Visions of the California Dream and a Glimpse into the Near Future

Ed Driscoll pulls together some powerful commentary on where California is a the end of 2011 and what this portends for the Republic as a whole.  While the gravity of the situation must not be underestimated, so too must we not fall into a defeatist paralysis. As Victor Davis Hanson, quoted so extensively by Driscoll in this piece, has repeatedly stated (and I paraphrase): "America's decline is based on decisions not destiny. As daunting as the economic and social challenges may appear today, are they greater than the threat posed by German Nazism and Japanese Imperialism?  A greater threat to the Republic than the secessionist South and the Civil War that followed?   Decisions and choices got us into this current mess.  A series of bold and different choices can lead us out of it.


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