Monday, December 5, 2011

L.A. CIty Council Votes on...Citizens United??

This is a continuation of the theatre of the absurd here in the City of Angels...that poor excuse for leadership and direction called the L.A. City Council sees it fit to spend its precious time debating and voting on U.S. Supreme Court decisions. Notwithstanding the merits or demerits of Citizens United, what business is it of the L.A. City Council? What about getting city pensions under control, fixing potholes, improving city services and the quality of education? Is it any wonder businesses have fled the city over the past twenty years to neighboring states (and even neighboring cities) such as Culver City and Glendale? Why even Santa Monica, often lampooned as the "People's Republic of Santa Monica", from a business-friendliness perspective, appears to be like Hong Kong by comparison.  This great city still has so much going for it. When will its leaders rise to the challenge?


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