Thursday, December 8, 2011

"Outing" of College Presidents and Their Excessive Pay

I suggest that the "Occupy" crowd re-channel at least some of their considerable ire against some of these College Presidents.  Kudos to the Chronicle of Higher Education for publishing it (and Blogger, Glen Reynolds for posting it, which is where I first found it). The list in the article is truly outrageous. If it does not make you angry or at least disturb you, well, then, I don't know what to say. It lists Presidents of Colleges (all by the way, institutions I have largely never heard of) and their pay in proportion to the total school's budget.  Top on the list is Charles Polk of Mountain State University whose total compensation was over $1,800,000 when the entire institution's budget was only $52 million. That is over 3% of the entire school budget. For some sense of comparison, Harvard University's budget is $3.7 billion, paying the Harvard University President the same proportion of the Operating Budget would result in a compensation package of over $111 million per year! Also, as the article also points out even in absolute terms Mr. Polk is more highly compensated than the President of Yale University! Something is seriously wrong here and shame on Mr. Polk and along with the others who appear on this ignominious list.


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