Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Texas Based, Susman Godfrey 2011 Bonuses Blow Away Elite New York Law Firms

This Texas-based 90 lawyer firm which only does litigation is blowing away the elite law firms, probably in more ways than one. But one way, clearly, is in the form of Associate bonuses. Whereas a Cravath, on the very high-end of Associate bonuses (for Senior associates) is in the high $30K range, the LOWEST Susman bonuses (over $40K) are in excess of that. On the high-end, Susman bonuses run in the low six figures.

Factor in that many of these Susman attorneys are in Texas (where there is no state income tax and the cost of living is demonstrably lower than Manhattan) and one gets the sense that this one helluva a good arrangement for Susman attorneys. In terms of attracting and retaining quality attorneys (and not just because of comp. but also due to the great cases and experience its attorneys get), it seems Susman is way ahead of the pack.


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