Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Conservative Law School Professors Need Affirmative Action, Says Above the Law's Elie Mystal

From Above the Law:

"i’m going to be intellectually consistent as well. I think conservative profs should sue, and they should demand that the same kind of diversity we see applied to women or minorities when it comes to academic hiring decisions be extended to conservatives, too. Conservatives writ large aren’t a protected class, but the conservative law professor is damn near an endangered species. They need help, not because they are genetically predisposed to be crappy law professors, but because years of discrimination against them tell conservative legal minds to find something else to do besides become a law professor. There are lots of places where conservative principles are welcome, but legal academia isn’t one of them.
To combat that, they should get a plus factor. Just like with racial affirmative action, you can’t have a quota system. You can’t say “at least 20% of your tenured faculty must vote for Rick Santorum...
Granted, I think conservatives should have to ask for the help, but that’s just because I think making them beg for it would give them a little bit of an insight into how horrible it is to be in need of public assistance in this country, yet have to listen to freaking former hedge fund managers condescend about their work ethic, but that’s just me..."



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