Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Google/Twitter Wars

A 2009 agreement, allowing Google to offer a real-time feed of Twitter messages within its search results, expired in July 2011.  Twitter is complaining that due to changes  implemented yesterday in Google search algorithms, Twitter feeds and Twitter news now receives a lot lower rankings.
Google also said it was abiding by code embedded within certain Twitter messages instructing search engines not to rank the messages within their search results.
What is driving this is the fact Google launched a social network in June,  Google+, that offers many of the capabilities available on Twitter and on Facebook.
With Tuesday's changes to Google's search engine, photos and posts from Google+ will increasingly appear within the search results.
The changes effectively create customized search results for people who are logged in to Google. 
Twitter's general counsel, Alex Macgillivray, a former Google attorney, said in a Tweet on Tuesday that Google's changes "warped" Web searches and represented a "bad day for the Internet."


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