Thursday, January 12, 2012

USC Has Highest California Bar Passage Rate Among California Law Schools; Thomas Jefferson Law School Is Dead Last Among ABA Accredited Law Schools

More "elite" law schools Stanford (91.1%), Berkeley (88.9%) and UCLA (84.9%) all scored below USC.  Widely perceived Tier 2 or even Tier 3 Law School, Pepperdine (86.3%) ranked ahead of UCLA.

But the most disturbing data points relate to the firms that ranked at or towards the bottom of the heap.

Elie Mystal from the "Above the Law" really nails it as it relates to Thomas Jefferson Law School. Says he:

"These numbers show that the oft-maligned Thomas Jefferson School of Law has clearly not been maligned enough. TJSL charges people $40,100 per year in tuition, and two out of three graduates failed the bar the first time around. No wonder this school is getting sued. No wonder people act like the school is a complete joke. No wonder its very existence as an accredited law school makes the entire process of ABA-accreditation look like a complete farce.
In my opinion, a 33% pass rate should result in an immediate revocation of accreditation status and, if there were any justice in this world of rank profiteers, a full refund for the students who paid for a service that so failed to meet their needs. Note that the next lowest school passed over half of their first-time test takers!
I’ll take the Pepsi challenge with those numbers right now. Give me 10 Thomas Jefferson Law students for a year and I’ll find a way to get more than three of them to pass the California bar. Christ on an index card — it’s the bar exam, not organic chemistry. THERE IS NO MATH. Hearsay exceptions, memorize them; two questions down, 198 to go."


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