Thursday, January 12, 2012

Intelligent Life in the Universe and the Primacy of Politics

Columnist Charles Krauthammer succinctly, yet brilliantly, weaves together seemingly disparate notions ("Is there other life in the universe" and "Politics here on earth") into some breathtaking insights.  If there is life on other planets and given the high mathematical probability of life existing not just on one, but on many other planets in our galaxy, Krauthammer asks, how come we haven't found it yet?

One troubling conclusion which Krauthammer puts out there is that one of the reasons is that life on other planets may have killed themselves off.   We know from our human experience that that is a real possibility for us as a species. Krauthammer's point is that as messy and as distasteful as politics often is, it is the primary vessel through which people  interact. We will either get it right or not. But the "it" will be done through the vessel of politics. It is important stuff and Krauthammer's piece is an important reminder that it is not hyperbole that the hope of all intelligent life rests upon it.


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