Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Future of America is Bright, But Government Leadership and Vision Needs to "Step Up", Joel Kotkin

The always interesting Joel Kotkin, brilliantly nails it here yet again. Most would agree that we have a dearth of leadership in both parties. A lot fewer would agree that America's future is bright, but Kotkin presents some very compelling arguments for that very view. Some highlights:  1) The U.S has its difficulties, but among the industrialized countries no country or region -- the EU, Japan, even China --- matches the U.S. either in terms of innovation but also too in robust population growth; and 2) as previously reported in this blog, the tectonic shift in the global balance of power in the sphere of energy to North America again significantly brightens the near and medium-term outlooks of the U.S.   Will the President and our Congress have the vision and courage to seize these opportunities? Alas, this is Kotkin's question.


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