Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Shame on you, Time Warner Cable

One person's experience to be sure but I have had (and actually still in the middle of) a complete bluster-muck with the excellent Time Warner Cable. My wife had made the simple request that we swap out our DVR service which we rarely use. It was a simple service call, just swapping one box for another. Three and one-half hours later the two polite, but I am afraid clueless, service men are still here. First it was that they brought the wrong box. Then the box they did bring could not work. Following that the cable guy couldn't figure out how to use the remote. The remote! A cable guy. It would be like telling me as a lawyer, asking for help in how to read the title page or caption of a simple agreement. Then, seemingly, all is ok. Both TV's worked. I signed the appropriate papers, fatigued after what was then 2 hours of punishment, but relieved. Within one minute after leaving one of the TV's stopped working. Wait!!! I sprinted outside to catch the cable guy and tell of him of my sad plight. He returned to the house with his partner in tow who immediately advised him that of course it was not working because he had installed the incorrect box!  Now, coming on four hours they are still here. Maybe D-Day, Operation Desert Storm or Shock and Awe took as much sweat and effort.

This is not rocket science, Time Warner.  Your customer service sucks and your cable people, while polite, are poorly trained and incompetent. Spend the time and money to train your people.  Start with the equivalent of the Hippocratic Oath for Physicians: " Do No Harm". Do no harm, to your customers, Time Warner, start with that. Don't waste their flipping time and cause them needless aggravation.  There is too little time and sufficient aggravation in this world already.   Get a clue -- and fast.


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