Saturday, November 5, 2011

California Courts: Pass Around the Donation Hat

Patrick Soon-Shiong bio-tech mogul and billionaire co-owner of the L.A. Lakers has offered to donate $20 million to the California courts to help develop a new computer system that already has cost the state hundreds of millions of dollars.  The state Judicial Council has agreed to consider the offer, as officials see the proposed donation from as a way to get the troubled project back on track. While this is a laudable contribution by Mr. Soon-Shiong, it is a pathetic statement on the lack of leadership and effectiveness of California's state and local governments. They should not have to rely on hand-outs from the private sector or other wealthy contributors to maintain and perform basic functions. Shame on them.  Is next on the list a $50 million contribution by David Geffen for the purchase of L.A. Fire Department Fire Trucks?


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