Friday, November 18, 2011

Joe Paterno Has Lung Cancer

Very sad news indeed, but totally irrelevant to the maelstrom that this iconic football coach is in the middle of. I assume -- and it is only an assumption -- that Paterno was fired only after a reasonable internal inquiry investigation into Paterno's conduct concerning the alleged child molestation by Paterno's Assistant Coach. I also presume that the investigation uncovered that Paterno either knew about this conduct or helped cover it. That is why, I assume, he was fired. It looks like Paterno learned of his cancer following his termination as head coach of Penn State. In any case, the fact that Paterno now is diagnosed with this disease should not impact analysis of his conduct in the underlying child molestation scandals. Appeals to pity (his illness), while a likely outcome pushed by Paterno and his handlers, should not be allowed to sway or influence the final result.


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