Monday, November 28, 2011

Tim Tebow: The Magic Continues

I watched most of the Broncos-Chargers game yesterday. It was the most I had seen of Tebow (this season) in any one sitting. I must confess I am hooked.

In large measure his critics are correct: He does not have a strong arm, though he frequently scrambles and runs with the ball, he is has nowhere near the athleticism of say, a Michael Vick, his passing completion percentages (fairly unimpressive to begin with seem bolstered by a generous use of short yardage throws)  and he is clearly the beneficiary of a strong offensive line and a defensive unit that can keep even the most anemic of offenses "in the game".

There is one inconvenient item these criticisms overlook: The Broncos keep winning and Tebow keeps making the big plays.  For points of reference and insight, three thoughts immediately come to mind: 1) Remember Kirk Gibson in 1988 (baseball, I know, not football)? Everyone of course remembers the famous home run in the World Series, but Gibson also won the MVP that season, with very non-MVP like statistics Personally I think he absolutely deserved it because he clearly by his sheer will and determination made the Dodgers a much better team, even if his batting average, RBI's and home run stats did not reflect that. Sort of the same deal with Tebow; 2) Remember Billy Kilmer? Now there was a wobbler, not many spirals there. yet the guy was a Pro Bowler and led the Redskins to the Super Bowl and many playoff appearances; and 3) Finally remember BOTH Johnny Unitas and Joe Montana; hall of famers both, but neither terribly athletic (though Montana had great footwork). Unitas was drafted in something like the 17th round by the Steelers,  I think and was cut before being picked up by the Colts. And Montana came in with many questions and a lot of his game was short passes. Look, I have no idea if Tebow will be a Hall of Famer or not, but after seeing what I saw, I believe he is more than a flash in the pan, and in fact, probably a lot more.


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