Monday, November 14, 2011

Sacramento State Professor Cancels Class Because Student Failed to bring Snacks

I must say that I have never required (nor have I ever heard of any one else requiring) any student to bring snacks to class for "sharing" with the rest of the "group".  The entire notion is rather absurd, of course.  Due to strong a union and a "don't rock the boat" mentality of administrators, I doubt anything will come of this, though it is symptomatic of broader dysfunctions. On a lighter note, I have been wondering about one thing: What are the required snacks? Is there a requirement that they be "healthy" or have a "not to exceed" number of calories? I mean, what if some students brought, say, herring or kimchi, foods that some find, unpleasant or even offensive? Don't potato chips or Doritos impede one's ability to concentrate? Are there ever any perishable foods, if so how do the students ensure that they remain fresh? The article did not state if this was a morning, afternoon or evening class. If an evening class, I would imagine this could be a real issue for some students.


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