Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Former Congressman Billy Tauzin (Head of Energy & Commerce Committee) Pockets over $11 million in one year as Lobbyist

As a lobbyist on behalf of the Health Care industry, former Congressman, Billy Tauzin received over $11 million in fees in 2010 in connection with the passage of ObamaCare. A few immediate questions come to mind: 1) The most obvious being what on earth did Tauzin do to earn that kind of money?; 2) Based on the fact that ObamaCare "passed" how effective was Tauzin, if at all?; 3) What would have Tauzin's fees been if ObamaCare had NOT passed? $100 million?; and 4) This disgusting process whereby former legislatures and their staff make tons of money lobbying their former colleagues must stop and it must stop now. There should be a blanket prohibition on all forms of lobbying by former legislators.  We need to put the "public" back in the phrase of "public service".



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