Thursday, January 5, 2012

ABA President to UnHappy, Unemployed Law School Graduates: In this economy, "You should have known"

I am all for "tough love"and for taking responsibility for one's actions, but the sight of William Robinson, President of the ABA basically telling law graduates to pound sand on claims that law schools deceived them (and the the entire infrastructure that supports them, including the ABA), is way out of line.  Any exaggerations or material mis-statements are positioned as "outliers" and "exceptions".  Would Mr. Robinson be so cavalier in his assessment if we were talking about material mis-statements and omissions if we were talking about say, the Oil or Banking industries? The fact is employment statistics at many law schools were misleading, young impressionable students did rely on them and many entered law school and incurred substantial debt under the pretext of employment opportunities that were not nearly as strong as advertised.


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