Wednesday, January 4, 2012

CNBC List of Most Stressful Jobs in America

While this list compiled by CNBC had some of the jobs one would expect like firefighter, soldier or policeman there were some downright ridiculous ones like "Events Coordinator" or "Public Relations" executive. Setting aside that there was no apparent methodology to how these positions were selected, the choices reflect a real cluelessness.  Very mainstream media (MSM)-ish.

Here is a list (admittedly unscientific) of the sorts of jobs I would think are among the most stressful:

Mom with little kids
M&A Lawyer
Investment Banker
ER Physician
Prison Guard
Air Traffic Controller
Cashier at AM/PM or 7/11 during the graveyard shift
Call Center Operators
President of the United States
Head of the FBI or the CIA
Military Hospital surgeon or nurse


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