Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Estate of Rock 'N Roll Photographer Sues John Varvatos and Bloomingdales for Copyright Infringement

The Hollywood Reporter writes:
"According to a lawsuit filed in California federal court last week, [fashion designer, John] Varvatos purchased copies of photographer, [Jim ]Marshall's proofs and, without consent, made copies to display at his SoHo store. When Marshall learned of this, he allegedly spoke to Varvatos and told him he had no such right. "That having been clearly communicated, Marshall did Varvatos a favor and allowed him to keep the reproductions on the wall in the one store and the one store only," says the complaint.
But after Marshall's death, Varvatos allegedly took reproductions and displayed them at stores throughout the U.S. 
Marshall's estate is now suing for willful copyright infringement, seeking statutory damages up to $150,000 for each allegedly infringed image. The complaint lists 20 copyrighted photos, so conceivably, damages could rise as high as $3 million.
Varvatos is a noted designer who likes to incorporate the spirit of music into his own work. In recent years, he's announced fashion collections in conjunction with such artists as ZZ TopDave Matthews and The Roots. His company didn't immediately respond to requests for comment. "



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